Building a new home is an exciting process and one of life’s biggest milestones. As such, prospective-builders want to ensure everything goes smoothly and their dream home is built perfectly, including everything they need and want.

While the process often brings a surplus of joy and fulfillment to prospective homeowners, it can also come with a fair amount of emotional stress. This stress, paired with the sheer number of decisions homeowners have to make, can lead to forgetting a few details here or there until the home is finished, leaving some homeowners disappointed.

To prevent a situation like this from happening to you, we’ve created this list of ten must-haves when building a new home to help your process become smooth, efficient, and most of all to ensure your finished home includes everything you need and want—the first time.


The Right Insulation

Before selecting any paint, finishes, or furniture, it's important to really consider the bare bones of your home and its insulation. The better insulated your home, the more energy and cost-efficient it is. Ensuring a new home’s insulation is up to par may be a larger than anticipated cost up-front, but will save your home money in the long run through lessened energy expenses.

An Effective HVAC System

Few things are as cherished in a Southern Florida home as a well-functioning cooling system. While beautiful, South Florida is humid, warm, and on some days, downright uncomfortable. Picking the right heating and cooling system for your home is crucial to beat the heat while remaining energy efficient.

The Perfect Window Placement

A close second to great cooling systems, in terms of favored home amenities in Florida, are the stunning views our state offers. Make sure your home will be able to capture the beauty of the outdoors, let in gorgeous natural light, and remain cool with proper window placement.

Depending on your location, strategic window placement can help with relief from the Florida heat while adding a bit of outdoor beauty to your home. When meeting with a layout designer, always go over window placement thoroughly to ensure it meets your needs before the process begins.

High-Quality Windows

In addition to considering the placement of your windows, it’s always best to choose high-quality windows as well. Especially in Florida, windows need special attention and considerable functionality. For instance, you may want to consider windows that work to diminish heat from the sun during summer, and durable, high-quality hurricane windows for tropical storm season.

Adequate Storage Space

Building a new home is an exciting way to establish roots in a new place. As such, it is important to consider that when staying in one location indefinitely, storage space is essential. Consider the stuff you’ll be hauling to your new home or the stuff you’ll accumulate over time, and how you will allocate space for it.

Many homes come with basements, which can serve as great storage space. But for home plans without, it will need to be planned ahead of time to avoid the need for storage units or worse—nonfunctional cluttered rooms.

Hard Flooring that Suits Your Needs

Tile or hardwood floors are essential in rooms such as kitchens, bathroom, workrooms, and even living rooms (depending on your lifestyle). Ensure the hardwood flooring you choose suits your personal style while also functioning well. Families with active children, those with hobbies prone to messes, and those with animals, for example, would do well to consider highly durable options that will hold up over time.


Soft and Durable Carpeting

In some areas, such as the bedroom or even the living room, carpeting may be the flooring of choice. While color and style matter, it is especially important for your carpeting to be highly durable and, of course, comfortable. Stretching your carpeting budget may be important too, as with pricier carpeting comes lasting durability, comfort, and appearance.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient households save a considerable amount on energy expenses each year and the kitchen and laundry room are the perfect places to incorporate such appliances. Along with the monetary savings each year, energy-efficient appliances are often designed to work a littlr better. For example, most energy-efficient washers and dryers take less time and use fewer resources to make laundry day a breeze.

Open Concept Kitchen

We believe an open concept kitchen is the heart of the home. Not just better for entertaining, but when guests are over you can be part of the group while you cook and serve food at the same time.

Ample Counter Space

Counterspace is one of the most important aspects to consider in a newly designed kitchen. You want to ensure there is enough space for food preparation, small appliances, and other activities. If an island, that can function as a desk or where loved ones can gather for a meal is preferred, plan for it.

Building your dream home is an exciting and priceless project, and SC Homes will guide you every step of the way. If you’re ready to take the next step, our experts would love to help you choose the right custom house plan to ensure your must-haves are well met and planned for.


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*Pictures, photos, features, colors, and sizes are approximate and for illustration purposes only.