Home construction nightmares are no joke. Unreliable or untrustworthy home builders can make major mistakes throughout the planning or construction progress, which end up costing you valuable time and money.

While these mistakes aren’t your fault, you can play an active role in preventing them from affecting your build.

Here are four things to look out for when on the hunt for a home builder, and what you can do to prevent these hiccups from occurring:


Mistake #1: The home builder doesn’t give you formal progress updates.

You put a lot of trust into your home builder, and they might not want to worry you if a project is falling behind. Some builders may think that if they just speed things up, they can still complete the job on time. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and suddenly instead of being one month away from your completion date, you’re told that it’s actually going to be another three months.

In actuality, the best thing a home builder can do is be honest about the stage of your build. This is why progression updates are so important, giving you the power to address problems as they arise, to keep the project on track.

What YOU can do: Ask your home builder the big questions: is this construction timeline realistic? How will you ensure it’s on track? Establish how often the builder will “check in.” You can even ask them to include pictures to ensure they aren’t lying about the progression. Simply frame it in a way that you are excited to see how it’s turning out, or be clear from the start about your expectations for how you’d like to receive updates.

Mistake #2: The home builder tries to cut corners.

Bad Building

A big mistake home builder’s make is trying to save a pretty penny on materials, labor or equipment. Unfortunately, skimping on quality usually shows aesthetically, and often affects the functionality of your space.

For instance, Florida homes require properly secured roofing and sturdy framing to protect against hurricanes and violent storms. While using the minimum number of shingle fasteners or using less support beams can save the installers time and money, it can result in substantial damage in the future.

And corner-cutting doesn’t stop there: hastily installed flooring, cheap appliances, sloppy paint jobs and more can deplete your wallet not long after construction.

What YOU can do: Get involved in the building process. Let your home builder know you want to see the blueprints and understand what materials he’s using to construct the framework and exterior. When it comes to furnishing inside, you can even meet the contactor at the supply store and purchase the faucets, paints, marble and other supplies, together. Establishing yourself as an active force in the process can help dissuade a sneaky home builder from cutting corners, as they know their every move is being watched— and that they need your approval to move forward.

Mistake #3: The home builder trusts unreliable subcontractors.

Home builders often hire subcontractors to get bigger builds done, when they need a few extra hands. You might trust your builder, but can you really trust these strangers on their construction crew or an electrician you know nothing about?

Unprofessional or unreliable subcontractors can cause issues during construction by taking shortcuts or delaying project deadlines. Because of this, it’s critical to vet your home builder’s subcontractors just as thoroughly as you do the builder themselves.

What YOU can do: Ask your home builder directly if they’ll need the help of subcontractors to bring your house to life. If they say yes, ask for the names of these professionals, and do your own research on their qualifications. Do they have proper licensing? Specializations? Look at their portfolio and search for bad reviews. If you come back with concerns about one of your home builders “partners,” express your thoughts early, to see how the builder qualms your concerns. If still not convinced post-talk, move onto the next builder.


Mistake #4: The home builder doesn’t share their wisdom to help you get the most out of your investment, long-term.

A reputable home builder should have a wealth of wisdom about the planning and construction process. For instance, they are likely aware of housing trends to avoid, know what upgrades are typically worth the extra cost and the features most home hunters seek when it comes time to resell.

A novice home builder might not have the experience or knowledge of these important considerations, which can end up costing you more time and money later. Or, a home builder who thinks you’re “set” on your vision might be less inclined to speak up about their concerns. In these situations, you may be forced to redesign or remodel a few months or years from now; whereas a wise and stern home builder could have influenced your decisions, positively, before breaking ground.

What YOU can do: Before signing any paperwork, ask the potential home builder how you can get the most out of your build— and be open to their suggestions. The right builder will appreciate your flexibility and be comfortable sharing their recommendations with someone eager to listen. Cross a vague or unsure builder off your list.

Find the Right Cape Coral Home Builder

While home builders often make these mistakes, you can help prevent them by being an active voice both before and throughout the building progress.

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