We all know there’s a few features that homeowners just love come time for house hunting. For instance, those remodeling their homes often choose to add tidy laundry rooms, lustrous hardwood floors or other highly desired features to attract more offers. 

Did you realize that walk-in closets are right up there with the hottest features homeowners desire?

Building or remodeling a walk-in closet may very well be the special touch you need to make your space appear near irresistible to prospective buyers— and there’s a couple reasons why:


1. Walk-in closets are becoming an expectation in new homes.

Many of those looking at new homes in 2019 are already assuming that their house will come with a walk-in closet— and homes without one are at a major disadvantage. 


One agent told Forbes that walk-ins “have gone from a desired amenity to an expectation these days.” If your home or one you’re looking at on the market doesn’t have this larger space, it may make the house seem less modern or functional. 

2. Walk-in closets can increase your home’s perceived value.

Walk In Closet

Perhaps the biggest reason people choose to add or remodel a walk-in closet is its influence on your home value. While this home feature might not necessarily increase your home’s sale price on the market, it can give you an edge over the competition.


For instance, one NY–based associate broker told Forbes that he lost the sale because his listing didn’t have a walk-in space in the master bedroom, “It had everything but (the walk-in)… Deal killer.” But what is it about walk-in closets that people love so much?

3. Walk-in closets can create the illusion of more space. 

Homes with smaller floor plans can appear instantly bigger with the addition of a walk-in closet. While a home that caught your eye might not offer spacious common quarters, having extra storage in the bedroom can be a very appealing alternative.


Because these closets often have attractive shelving and bars that extend much higher than a traditional dresser, you are also more likely to appreciate a sense of spaciousness. Specialized lighting can also help to brighten and subconsciously widen your closet.

4. Walk-in closets inspire organization. 

Walk In Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love an organized house? Walk-in closets often include tidy shelving, drawers, hangings and other features that promote neat storage practices.


People love the idea of being able to create a uniform space for their clothing and accessories, and simply seeing a large closet can get the gears turning in their head, “This will help me to stay better organized!”

5. Walk-in closets help to hide clutter.

At this past year’s International Builders Show, clutter was a hot topic. One 2019 trend is to “hide what needs to be hidden and make accessible that which needs to be.”


One way homeowners hide clutter and preserve that clean and prim look is by using proper storage methods. Instead of making the foyer a collect-all for shoes, jackets, etc., those with walk-in closets have a place for every clothing item and can keep other spaces free of misplaced build-up.

6. Walk-in closets can increase your security.


Most walk-in closets have locks on the door, making it possible to secure your belongings behind a barrier. Should a burglar enter through your garage, they may be surprised to find another wall between them and your valuables.


Many homeowners lock safe boxes or their expensive jewelry in their walk-in closets, making it harder to steal or damage these previous items. 

Customize a Home Just for You

Sometimes extra luxuries like walk-in closets can go a long way in affecting prospective buyer’s decisions— and can make the lives of those living there so much easier.

Have you considered building a custom home of your own? You can include all the popular features both you and others love.

Here are six reasons home hunters all across Florida turn to our builders at SC Homes. We can offer all the expertise you need to plan and construct a long-lasting investment. 


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