Looking to brighten up your bathroom? You’ve come to the right place. 

Illuminating your powder room can boost your mood, showcase your fine decor and impress your guests. Here are seven elegant bathroom lighting ideas for boosting the appeal of this intimate space:


1. Wall Sconces

Make absolute certain that your bathroom is lit to perfection by adding a set of refined wall sconces. These fixtures can be easily situated on either side of your vanity’s mirror to add a touch of warmth around your reflection. 

They’re an excellent way to dimly illuminate your restroom during evenings, especially when paired with candlelight. Speaking of candles, one unique form of wall sconce imitates the vintage look of tall candles, like these French style golden beauties

Other clean looks include tube or oval scones, featuring lovely glass or metal covers. Industrial wall fixtures are hot right now too such as these caged wall lamps, offering a rustic feel with an exposed bulb. Don’t be afraid to get creative either. This brass starburst wall sconce is certainly unique, as are these extraordinary 1960s-style stained glass pieces.


2. Vanity Lighting 

Wall sconces can complement your bathroom vanity quite nicely, but Vanity Lightingyou may need a more direct light when doing your makeup or hair. These kinds of lights are often referred to as task lights, as they help you accomplish a specific task in one space. Generally any light that is directed down to brighten your vanity or to illuminate your face would be considered a task light in your bathroom.

Add swivel wall lights near their sinks, as the adjustable arm makes it easy to direct light exactly where you’d like it. Lamp-like fixtures with shades also help to cast light downward so you can see your counter space, and you can customize your shade color to match your decor. 

Others take to the ceiling for task lighting. These hanging lanterns dangle at the height of wall sconces, yet are mounted nice and high to elongate your vertical space. Plus, they can give any bathroom an elegant Victorian feel. Hanging pendants can also drive the eye upward, as well as add an artistic element to your space. Observe how these clustered glass orbs steal the show above this vanity. Find more elegant bathroom task light ideas here on Houzz.


3. Chandeliers

Chandeliers exude class wherever they’re placed, however, few think to mount them in their bathroom. Chandelier sconces are beginning to grow in popularity, but you can’t beat a big, bold statement piece. Mount your glass darling over your tub like this stunning bathroom chandelier or in the center of your space.

Bathroom chandeliers don’t just have to be made of glass or crystal. Globe chandeliers are showing up in these intimate rooms as well, in addition to modern catalysts like this one

Shower Light

4. Shower Lights

It’s easy to focus on illuminating your vanity and forget about lighting your lesser used spaces, like your shower. Recessed lights that are neatly tucked into your ceiling are usually the best choice for these wet spaces. But how do you arrange them?

Consider lining your recessed lights all in a row, or using only two or three spaced neatly apart. If you have a beautiful feature on a wall of your shower, like stunning stonework, consider backlighting the wall. If you have a recessed wall shelf, this is also a great spot to add some brightness. Some even add recessed floor lighting! Find a few more shower lighting ideas here.

Bathroom Chandeliers

5. Nontraditional Lights

You might assume that your lights need to be mounted on your ceiling or wall, but nontraditional lighting ideas are growing more popular in bathrooms. Consider placing small table lamps on your vanity countertop or even standing floor lights in appropriate corners. This is a quick way to illuminate your space without costly or time consuming installation. 


6. Windows

Nothing beats natural light— and if your bathroom has windows, don’t forget to make the most of them… especially living in Florida, where there’s no shortable of sunshine. 

Perhaps one of the best investments you can make is buying fabulous window treatments, which can help you to control the ideal amount of light and privacy of your space. Whether it’s luxurious drapes, natural looking shutters or translucent shades, accessorize your bathroom windows, always. 

When building a new home, here are a few of our favorite ideas for choosing the right windows. They can really make or break your powder room’s aesthetic. 

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7. Mirrors

We know what you’re thinking: “mirrors aren’t lights!” Ahh, but they do reflect light. The right size and styled mirror can help enhance your lighting choices. When light shopping, consider refreshing your vanity mirror as well, or for ways you can reflect light in your space. 

Is one grand mirror better or two small vertical mirrors placed side-by-side? Or, maybe a round hanging mirror would look perfect above your pedestal sink. Those with larger bathroom spaces even add floor mirrors. This post has fabulous ideas for bathroom mirrors to spark your creativity. 


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