Cape_coral_new_homes.jpgBuilding your dream home comes with a lot of planning, strategy, and compromise. It offers you the opportunity to create the home you’ve always wanted. Being fully informed every step of the way of your home building journey involves taking a proactive approach to planning. Check out our 7 tips for building a new home in Cape Coral.

#1 - Define Your Goals

Waterfront living in the Cape is an absolute must for some, and for others an afterthought. Defining exactly what you’d like in your new home is key to jumpstarting your home building process. It is important to balance basic necessities with in-demand features that will make your home reflect you. Listing out what you’d like to achieve and how you plan to do it in the beginning of your home building journey will help you focus in and stay on track. This comes in handy when sitting down and determining your budget for your home.

#2 - Set A Budget

One of the most important steps in your home building process is setting up your budget. As you go through the process of building one of your greatest investments, you want to be sure you are on target with your finances. Consider the overall cost of constructing your home. Things like land, quality of materials used, taxes, even decorating will all need to be accounted for. If you’re considering adding a pool to the back, you will need to add in this expense as well! Staying on track is essential to enjoying your finished home!

#3 - Look For Places To Build

While some homeowners may choose to pick from their home builder’s available lots, some homeowners opt to take on older home demolition and reconstruction for their home builds. Take into account where you’d ideally like to live. Is school zone important to you? Proximity to the water? A place with a view of the Florida sunset? Where you build is equally as important as the home itself!

#4 - Get To Know Your Builder’s Team

A company is only as good as the people that run it. Getting to know your building team and vice versa can help when it comes time to turn vision into reality. Building a home is no easy feat, but having the right experienced people makes all the difference. Don’t be afraid to get comfortable with your team of professionals or adding additional services like interior design and outdoor landscapers. The more transparent you and your professionals are with each other, the smoother your home building journey will be.

#5 - Plan On Planning

Planning is essential to making sure your home building process is a positive one. Embrace the design phase as the opportunity to tweak plans regarding your home. Pay attention to the details of your design while keeping in mind your budget. Your home builder’s team should help greatly with this phase of the process. Don’t be afraid to have big ideas! What do you envision your bathroom to be? How is your kitchen laid out? Your home is your oasis and retreat and should be built as such.

#6 - Understand Things Will Happen

Things happen. This is a constant fact of life. Ideally we’d like to think once we’ve planned out everything, acquired necessary permits, and double checked the designs and details, things will go smoothly without issue. This may not always be the case. You have to be prepared for small setbacks and issues. When you work with the right builder, these small issues should stay just that, small. Staying positive and looking forward will help you through the home building process.

#7 - Relax And Enjoy

Once your home is built and the minor issues have been resolved, be sure to take a moment to enjoy your space. You’ve earned it!

Building a new home is a big undertaking. Understanding the steps from beginning to end is always beneficial. With proper planning, budgeting and patience, your journey to the home you’ve always wanted can be a pleasant one!

*Pictures, photos, features, colors, and sizes are approximate and for illustration purposes only.