Your new home’s ceiling is an easy feature to overlook when deep in the design and building process. Besides considering if you want extra lofted ceilings or a special curved shape in a particular room, that’s usually the end of the thought.

But your ceiling can influence the functionality and aesthetics of your house more than you may think— and some simple changes can go a long way in transforming your living quarters.

Here are six new home ceiling ideas to design nicer, more practical spaces: 

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1. Consider different ceiling shapes.

During the design process, you may consider breaking away from a conventional flat ceiling in particular rooms. It’s important to conceptualize these major structural changes when sketching your floor plan, as special ceiling features are harder to install later, oftentimes involving major construction.


Some of the most popular ceiling shapes include:

  • Vaulted ceilings. This ceiling shape forms a peak like the point of a triangle, though they don’t always need to be even. Cathedral-style ceilings, however, always maintain symmetry— reminiscent of a church. Vaulted looks often include large windows on neighboring walls.

  • Barrel vault ceilings. These rare ceilings form an arch or a curve and offer a very dramatic look. If you love rounded doorways or hallways, this style might go well in your kitchen or over your lanai.

  • Domed. This feature combines the beamed look of a vaulted ceiling with the half-globe feel of a barrel vault ceiling. They’re often seen in luxurious foyers or entranceways.

  • Beamed ceilings. These ceilings can give off a rustic look, exposing wooden beams resembling a “barn-style.” Or, choose a modern industrial aesthetic with metal beams.  

  • Tray ceilings. This type of features is just like it sounds: it looks like trays are glued to the ceiling. These trays are often recessed and embellished with fancy modeling or crowning. 

2. Choose the right overhead lighting. 

While some light features can be added after construction, it’s smart to think about light design during the drafting phase of your build. Sometimes the perfect light can steal the show, like a glorious candelier, and you can plan your space around your statement piece. 


Other fixtures like recessed lighting can blend seamlessly into your ceiling, while track light systems can hold decorative pendant lights, for extra style and brightness. Be sure to read our other article about interior lighting tips to choose the best overhead lighting.


3. Let in natural brightness with a skylight.

Skylights utilize that stunning Florida sun to illuminate your room and can help to create the illusion of more space, by extending your outside view. They can also help to create a natural feel by revealing glimpses of your landscape. Plus, crack them open in the evening or early morning to let fresh air in before the heat hits. 


Consider the best places to add a skylight, like in your living room or bedroom, and make the most of our your ceiling space. These features can be added post-construction, but can be a messy add-on, requiring you to cover or remove your furnishings. It’s often easier to add a skylight during the initial build. 

4. Install ceiling fans.

In Florida, it gets quite hot outside. Another great ceiling idea is to install ceiling fans throughout your new home. While your central air will certainly cool things down, the fans can help to disperse the refreshing air. They can also help to reduce energy costs, as circulating air can bring your home’s temperate down by up to four degrees.


Ceiling fans also serve as just another overhead lighting source and can be selected in stylish finishes to enhance your decor. As an added bonus, ceiling fans are one of features home shoppers most desire.

Expert advice: It helps to have a professional install these ceiling fixtures, as a shoddy job could end up costing you more later


5. Add ceiling trim. 

One simple yet profound way to complement your ceiling features is to opt for elegant trimming or crown molding. Whether you choose a refined design across your full ceiling or to simply line the border between your wall and the ceiling, it’s sure to look sharp. 


Here are a few molding and trim ideas for inspiration. Some incorporate lighting features too, framing chandeliers or recessed lights— to knock out two birds with one stone.  

6. Paint your ceiling a color other than white.

Most ceilings are white. While this classic look works in any room, painted ceilings in subdued shades can really transform a space. 


If you have white kitchen finishes, for instance, consider a pastel color like a seafoam. Or, paint your dining room ceiling a subtle yet classy gold to elevate the atmosphere. View a few lovely painted ceiling examples and bring life to your new home.

Ask Us for More Ceiling Ideas

Your ceiling design must complement your home’s interior framework and decor. Because cohesion plays an important role in creating the perfect space, it can be stressful choosing the best ceiling ideas for your home.


Let our team at SC Homes help you decide. Our individualized attention is one of the many reasons home hunters all across Florida turn to our builders for home construction.


Ask our expert craftsmen how to make the most out of your ceilings, today. 

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