When you’re choosing your home, you’re careful to check every last detail— down to the floor beneath your feet.

And you’re probably full of tons of ideas for how to make it your own. But sometimes that’s the problem— too many options.

With dozens of choices like tile, engineered versus real hardwood, and a handful of rooms to put them in, it’s hard to make your final decisions.

Let’s explore different flooring ideas by room to help you narrow down your options:

Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring Options

Kitchens and bathrooms see a lot of foot traffic, and have to be moisture (and spill!) resistant.

Many houses will add vinyl to these spaces, but here at SC Homes, we believe in investing in quality flooring options, through stylish floorplans, an array of design choices, and construction that goes beyond standard codes, SC Homes is a southwest Florida home builder that specializes in Cape Coral. 

Tile Floor

Tile is sometimes consider a “step-up” from vinyl, as it’s a little more expensive and made from ceramic or porcelain.

The nice thing about porcelain is that it’s durable, moisture resistant and comes in a variety of designs (look at this beautiful marble-look-a-like or Brazilian tiger blue!). It’s easy to clean with soap and water, but for those who choose tile that are placed with grout, like this stunning geometric pattern, the sealant should be replaced every five to ten years.

Ceramic tiles are sometimes a cool alternative to hardwood flooring, too. Most high-end brands carry them in different grains, adding an exotic or reclaimed look to a rustic kitchen. Because of how water resistant most ceramic tiles are, they could even be used as a bathroom floor or decorative backsplash.

Something to consider: These types of flooring can get slippery when wet, so look for tiles with some texture or add a slip-resistant coating.

Living Room & Bedroom Flooring Options

Your living room, dining room and bedrooms support your heavy furniture and need to feel like comfortable, inviting spaces. These three options are typically a good fit for these areas:

Wood Floor

Engineered or Composite Wood

Unlike real hardwood flooring, engineered or composite wood is made by compressing plywood and adding a thin layer of actual hardwood on top.These kind of “fake wood” flooring options can really look just as sharp as the real thing. Check out his dark, rich engineered tobacco finish or this bright mahogany.  This kind of floor is less resistant to pools of water, as moisture can cause the material to bow, which is why we’d recommend keeping it away from sinks and bars.

Something to consider: Since it’s plywood beneath the surface, it can’t take heavy impacts without denting too, so it might not always be the best option for an active family running through the house in soccer cleats or victim to energetic dog nails.

Real Hardwood

Hardwood is extremely durable and can be sanded and refinished many times, so it’s the most expensive, and often most coveted, kind of flooring.

Something to consider: The price varies greatly based on the type and specific grain of wood, from this historic oak at $6.00 a square foot to solid hickory at $225 a box, but it’s typically more expensive. For those invested in a luxury home, this flooring may be the best compliment to your space, but will certainly be an initial investment.

Carpet Floor


Carpeting can add warmth and softness to your bedroom or living area. It’s typically made out of polyester, nylon or polypropylene and is often comparable in price to vinyl.

The nice thing about carpeting is that it doesn’t have to run from wall to wall; you could accent spaces with rugs. With Florida’s hot heat, many homeowners often elect this method.

Something to consider: Obviously, those with full carpeting can expect to regularly vacuum; and for those with pets or allergens, this type of flooring could attract dust and dander. Plus, it can show stains and typically wears quicker than those types of flooring. But it sure can make a space feel cozy.

Looking for a New Home?

It’s fun to fantasize about the different flooring options for the rooms of your dream home, but there are so many things you might not consider when planning your design from the ground up.

For example, many selections don’t account for off-set layouts. Here at SC Homes, we can run tiles at a 45 degree angle to the wall for unique designs and patterns.

There’s much more that goes into purchasing a house than just choosing flooring. Download our Cape Coral New Home Buying Guide to discover some ways to save time and money along the way.


New Home Buying Guide

*Pictures, photos, features, colors, and sizes are approximate and for illustration purposes only.