2017 has already seen plenty of changes in the custom home design world. Homes are being designed with a more multi-purpose sensibility, with individuality and personality than in the past. Here are some things you can expect to see in this year’s Southwest Florida new home market:

Keep Entertainment in Mind

There is a strong trend of “going in” instead of “going out” – people are gathering with friends and family more and more, rather than going out to restaurants and clubs. This trend is resulting in more spacious living rooms and more features in outdoor spaces.

When you have a functional outdoor space, it lifts the limitations set by your square footage— homeowners can entertain more people than ever before. Now, it’s not uncommon to find large, covered lanais with outdoor fireplaces and even outdoor entertainment centers complete with television and sound system, outdoor kitchen, and direct bathroom access are becoming more common.

Open Plan is the Plan

In years past, homes were built with distinct rooms, defined spaces closed off with walls. More rooms and compartmentalized spaces have fallen by the wayside. Today’s trend is towards an open, flowing home plan, with large spaces referred to as Great Rooms encompassing several “rooms” – such as the kitchen, dining, and living room.

Open floor plans allow for easier entertaining, more natural light flowing through, and make even a smaller home feel spacious. When you have the option to reconfigure your rooms to suit your entertaining needs, you’re able to include as many people as you like.

The Case for Multifunctional Spaces

While spaces are flowing and open, people are opting to make the most of rooms by giving them more than one purpose. Adding a wall of bookshelves to an otherwise formal living room to create a library and game space, gives more life and more purpose to what may have once been exclusively a special occasion/formal space.

People are looking to get the most out of every space, and traditional walled-in rooms don’t allow homeowners the freedom that they need to create a welcoming and inviting space for visitors.

Lighten Up

After a long stay in the limelight, darker wood is falling out of favor with lighter, brighter wood tones taking over. Beautiful engineered wood finishes that create texture in the various rooms is gaining popularity due to it’s versatility and unique visual interest. This trend is not limited to flooring, it includes all the wood you’ll find in a new home, including cabinet fixtures.

People are lightening up their furniture selections as well. Heavy, oversized sofas and chairs are being replaced with smaller scale, yet still comfortably sized pieces. Storage solutions are following this trend, using space more efficiently. In general, homeowners are looking to keep their spaces as wide, open, and inviting as possible.

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