If you’re considering moving to Florida, there’s a special feature most homes have that you may not have seen before...

Upon touring a home here, you will likely step out into a stunning lanai, or an enclosed outdoor “room,” oftentimes featuring cozy furnishings and a pool.

We’re here to inform you of all the wonderful reasons Florida homeowners have lanais— and to encourage you to find a home with a lanai of your own.


What Exactly is a Lanai?

Lanai is a term used to describe a covered porch or veranda, usually exclusive to hotter climate regions. In fact, the idea of the lanai originated in Hawaii, as an outdoor add-on to buildings across the tropical island.


These upgraded patios are usually surrounded by screens or windows and an overhead shelter, making the space feel like an outdoor room.

What’s Inside of a Lanai?

A lanai is an elaborate covered patio for leisure and entertainment alike. In Florida, lanais often boast beautiful inground pools or stone jacuzzis to enjoy water activities; oftentimes, they even have small pool houses.  


Many lanais also contain fireplaces, bars and outdoor kitchens, bathrooms and full table sets or cushioned furniture. Because the extended space is covered and not exposed to the elements, homeowners can grace their space with soft, inviting fabrics and leave decor and artwork out year round. 


You’ll often find that the wall surrounding Florida lanais is often panel-style, with removable or easily opened sections to allow extra airflow.


The Benefits of Having a Lanai as a Florida Homeowner

There are many reasons that Florida homes have lanais, but here are a few to convince you to install this lovely feature:


  • Lanais are an extension of your home. Because these outdoor enclosures have walls, they feel like an indoor room even though they really aren’t. They’re an excellent way to extend your living space to entertain guests without a more costly room add-on.

  • Lanais protect you from sunlight. Many screens and glass walls used on lanais feature sun-protective qualities, helping to reduce glare and UVs. You can swim and bask in the glow without harsh rays to worry about. (The placement of your lanai  drastically influences your sun exposure, so be sure to read our blog on the importance of home orientation to learn more).

  • Lanais kick your outdoor decor up a notch. Homeowners with uncovered patios have to bring in cushions, blankets and other comfort items whenever they come back inside. Plus, they need to purchase weather and sun-resistant furniture, and are limited by the art and plants they can keep outside. Enclosed and sun-protected lanais allow Florida homeowners to keep fans, outdoor kitchens, elegant furniture sets and decor out 24/7.

  • Lanais can slow the process of algae development and water evaporation in your pool. Light and temperature are prime variables for the development of algae in water. Lanais reduce the intensity of both and can help to keep your pool cleaner. In addition, the sun-guard overhead can help to reduce the amount of water you’d otherwise lose to heat evaporation.

  • Lanais can save on pool heating costs. No one enjoys swimming in frigid water, even on a hot day— but pool temperature can be a tricky thing to control and be costly to maintain. Lanais help to maintain a consistent air and water temperature, reducing your heating costs. Because of this, it’s oftentimes a more eco-friendly option for maintaining your pool too.

  • Lanais are the perfect way to show off your landscaping. If you’ve invested a lot of money and time into your outdoor landscaping, you can enjoy the views from your temperature-controlled and bug-free lanai. 


Increase Your Home’s Value with a Lanai

There’s practically no way a neatly installed lanai wouldn’t increase your Florida home’s value. 


When designing your new home, ensure you include this must-have feature in your floor plan. Here at SC Homes, we can help you design the lanai of your dreams. Give us a call at 239-424-9995 or contact us today to get started. 

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*Pictures, photos, features, colors, and sizes are approximate and for illustration purposes only.